State of the Internet

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Yesterday, the Web was buzzing about President Obama’s  State of the Union Address. Starting as early as 9:30, both #SOTU and Union Address. Impressive, I know. World Wide only Union was trending.

As I continued looking around Twitter, I found some really hilarious posts. In the interest in keeping this brief, the winner of these was:”Anyone know where I can get a newborn onsie that says ‘You Lie!’?”

While the tweets about the Address continued throughout yesterday, last night and even today, unfortunately the tag #iTampon gained the top spot. C’mon America

Bopping around the blogosphere, I came across a message from GOP leader John Boehner. During the Address Boehner hosted a live blog. Why? Because according to the GOP Leader, “President Obama’s rhetoric is often detached from reality, so it’s important there be a place Americans can go to get the facts about his job-killing agenda.” Hm, try to yell that out during his speech.

Also in this press release is data showing repubs excessive use of social media, especially when compared to their liberal counter parts.

On, I discovered an article about how the White House will also be hosting a live blog during the SOTU. Maybe those staffers can collaborate with Boehner’s. They seem to have a lot in common.

But the social media frenzy continues, according to this post you can ask Obama a question and he’ll answer it on YouTube.

For those of you who were not as politically minded, Digg directed me to a great article by the Huffington Post. And yes, by article I mean hilarious drinking game. Though I did not participate, I have to say it is worth a read through.

The morning after the address (today), I searched Digg again to do a little follow up. Apparently a poll showed an 83% approval rating for the address. AND 615 Diggs for Obama to push for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal in SOTU (I was one of them.. I also tweeted about it).

Yet on Twitter, #iTampon is still in the lead…


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