Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2010 at 4:15 pm
As I sat down to write, I could not get “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine,” out of my head. This song written by Louisiana governor, Jimmie Davis, has become my constant soundtrack  whilst I write about Sunshine Week. 
Sunshine Week comes every year to promote the “national initiative to open a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information.” Hey, isn’t that what social media does as well?
I figured the best place to start would be to google Sunshine Week, and ta-da, I found This is a great source to find a lot of information about this national initiave. For example, you can find all of the headlines mentioning Sunshine Week, comments from President Obama about this week and different resources to help promote the week.
They also have some pretty sweet merchandise.
Also through their Web site, I found the Sunshine Week Facebook Page. This page is very informative complete with videos, notes, and general Sunshine Week information. They have about 400 fans, but I would love to see that number go up, even though the week is coming to an end.
After perusing, I decided to dig a little deeper in the web. I turned to to see what the members of Congress thought about all of this. Surprisingly, there was little buzz. What I found were two tweets from Texan Congressmen: Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Michael Burgess.
Sen. Cornyn was tweeting on behalf of himself and Sen. Patrick Leahy about legislation they introduced to commemorate this week and FOIA. He also released this info on his Facebook page where he was (mostly) applauded by his constituents for his efforts  and bipartisan cooperation. He also got 16 “likes”.
I think they both deserve some props for coming together on a bipartisan initiative especially this week. (Hint: two words, rhymes with kealth hare).

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